Are you interested in developing a unique brand impression in the competitive business industry? Most businesses have transitioned most of their marketing to digital and fail to recognize the advantages of physical print marketing. While other businesses do not take advantage of print marketing like they used to, incorporating it into your marketing strategy could prove advantageous.

The potential and effectiveness of print marketing can be largely successful as it creates a more lasting impact on your target audience compared to social media posts.

Why is print marketing still relevant in the digital age?

Posters, brochures, and publications are long-lasting physical items. They can remain at homes and offices for possibly months and years, potentially acting as constant reminders. While all your competitors are posting content and running campaigns on digital platforms, you can take advantage of all the marketing routes that others are not utilizing. Print media has the power to establish the excellence of your brand in every aspect and should be used alongside digital marketing instead of being scrapped completely. It can be more engaging and bears creative aesthetic qualities that many still enjoy. Sometimes, people do not want to look at a screen. They would rather read from paper, look at physical objects, or feel something in their hands. It is a whole new experience for some and nostalgic for others. Perhaps it is more comfortable due to a day of constantly seeing blue light from electronic screens.

Why does print marketing have a strong impact?

While social media and website advertisements can captivate the short attention span of humans for about 15 seconds or less, print material can capture attention for much longer periods of time. Print marketing has the potential to reach and captivate an additional portion of your target market as it provides a new experience and avenue in which consumers can acquire information.

Furthermore, print material triggers multiple senses that digital marketing cannot:

  • Touch – The feeling of a magazine or newspaper in the hands. Unique textures are memorable.
  • Smell – The smell of fine print or of a certain kind of production can be memorable.

Print also happens to engage the reader more compared to digital marketing. On a phone, users simply scroll along their feed without reading it in an attentive manner. It is easy to get away from an ad on a screen.

Digital marketing ads have developed an annoying reputation as well. Most people will not care to give an ad on their feed the time of day even if they are designed to be targeted for their tastes. Not only that, people are aware of online scams, money grabs, and fake ads which can also make them seem untrustworthy.

On print, readers happen to pay more attention because a person who sits down to read has intentionally decided that they will focus on the content and nothing else. People scroll on their phones for entertainment and news at the same time. This means they expect to see pictures and video content whereas a reader expects only text and will not be bored as a result. Reading on paper has fewer distractions and options which also allows for deeper learning. When readers focus on their reading, they will focus more on the ad that they stumble upon after reading an interesting article or business newsletter. Perhaps the ad they read is for merchandise that can also act as a physical advertisement.

The strength of using both print marketing and digital marketing:

Combining print marketing and digital marketing is a sensible strategy as you will be able to target more people and have more avenues to spread your brand name. Those who acquire most of their news from the computer or phone and those who acquire most of their information through newspapers, magazines, letters, or physical merchandise will all be aware of your brand’s existence. A larger net will catch more fish.

The benefits of integrating print & digital into your strategy:

When you combine print media with digital advertising, you deliver a holistic marketing approach that accompases the entirety of the business by utilizing all marketing avenues.
The exclusive benefits of using a complete marketing strategy that utilizes both digital and physical are listed below:

  • Build healthy connections with customers and be more memorable
  • Added credibility among target customers.
  • Enhanced engagement with laser-focused targeting.
  • Personalized user experience with highly measurable returns.
  • Increased brand awareness and broader audience reach.
  • Amplified call to action.

Postcard campaign:

It is a form of direct mail that helps companies reach their target audience using promotional print pieces such as announcements, coupons, and many other offers. Postcard marketing can bring up to 10% more customers to your business. These campaigns give your audience legitimate reason to remember your brand and even encourage possible investments into your business. Ensuring that your target audience sees you online and in a letter personalized for them will engrain your company into their head. This will make you the first company they think about when they need your particular product or service. It is all about making a meaningful impact and establishing a strong customer relationship that does not feel artificial or forced.

The power of constant reminders:

There are plenty of marketing teams working for companies that are targeting the same audience with similar types of products. How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Merchandise such as booklets, stickers, cups, images, letters, magnets, hats, shirts, etc. are all ways that a brand can advertise their business while providing value to their target audience. Not only that, merchandise that can be worn or pinned can act as free marketing and constantly reminds everyone who sees it of that particular business. If you see a name or logo enough times, it starts to become easy to remember.

Freshen up your strategy today:

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